1 Hour Trek- $60


We offer two variations to our 1 hour trek.

River Ride-  A beautiful and peaceful ride around our tranquil river. We meander through the edge of our native QE11 bush block, following the river round before crossing over and heading home.

This is a slower ride suitable for beginners upwards.

Ride can be extended to 1.5 hours on request. This option is $75pp.

Please note when the river is high the 1.5 hour option may not be available.

See those pine trees near the top left. That's where we ride to. Magnificent views.

Hill Ride- This ride is for the slightly more experienced rider who is comfortable at all paces. It provides us with a chance for a good canter as well as some views from the top.

(This rout is not always available due to access. If access not available another rout will be found of similar level where possible.)

Length 1 hour (please request 1 hour HILL ride on booking)


2 Hour Beginners Trek -$90


For those beginners who are after a longer experience.  Taking in the river ride plus addition flats to small rolling hills. This is a great option for those more adventurist or confident beginners out there.

 Remember, you can tell me what you are after and I will try and find a suitable rout you will love.


2.5-3 Hour trek- $110



A ride suitable for those with some previous riding experience. We have several tracks to choose from to make up a trek that suits you. We can keep it slow and scenic if you are after a relaxing ride in the country or for those after a bit more speed we have a great airstrip gallop available.  

This ride option may involve some steep rough terrain or narrow bush tracks.